Misco Drive Pedestrian Crossing

City of Whitehall

P&N’s creative solution makes pedestrians safer, improves traffic flow, and satisfies both Howmet and Whitehall.

A local Howmet facility had plants on either side of Misco Drive in the City of Whitehall, causing significant pedestrian and lift truck traffic crossing Misco Drive. Howmet worked with the City of Whitehall to improve the intersection and safety at their work site.

Howmet wanted to create a cul-de-sac on Misco Drive to eliminate through traffic, but this was unacceptable to Whitehall. The P&N team developed a solution that satisfied all parties, designing two concrete paths to and cross-walks across Misco Drive, one for pedestrians and one for lift trucks.

The cross walks are designated by a traffic signal and two sets of railroad crossing arms that block street traffic. The arms are engaged automatically by the presence of a lift truck at the intersection, or by a pedestrian pushing a button.

The P&N team also designed attractive lighting and railings to illuminate and separate pedestrian and lift truck paths for added safety.


Project Manager Jason Washler, PE, 616-364-8491

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