Express Shuttle Parking Lot

Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority

P&N resolves contamination and oversees demolition of four sites simultaneously, allowing airport to expand parking.

To increase parking capacity at Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR), the Kent County Department of Aeronautics (KCDA) chose to construct the Express Shuttle Parking Lot. P&N designed the original lot and its expansions.

The second expansion required four rental car facilities to be demolished. P&N evaluated the environmental condition of the facilities, each of which had underground storage tanks (USTs) and soil/groundwater contamination from past leaks. The rental car companies were in the process of cleaning up these leaks.

In addition to the subsurface contamination, each facility was found to have asbestos containing building materials and the storage of other oils and solvent related to automotive service.

P&N created a demolition plan that included removing the underground tanks and dealing with the subsurface contamination.

KCDA insisted that all contamination issues be resolved so that future monitoring and sampling and testing would not be required in the area after construction of the parking lot. P&N worked with each rental car company and assisted in a plan to achieve closure of the MDNDE’s file on the leaking USTs at each site.

The P&N team was present on site during the removal of all USTs, as well as contaminated soil and treatment equipment. When contamination was found to have migrated below the buildings, P&N immediately facilitated changes needed to complete the project in a safe, timely manner and meet all regulatory requirements. P&N collected samples almost daily and completed laboratory analysis in less than 24 hours in many cases to keep the project on track.

As a result of the clean up during construction, and the preparation of a legal survey by Prein&Newhof, each facility was able to achieve a closure under the MDEQ’s regulations.


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