Force Main Replacement

Muskegon County

Nearly 10 miles of 60-inch wastewater pipeline installed without interrupting service.

Muskegon County operated nearly 14 miles of 66-inch PCCP force main between Pump Station C and the Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant. The first 2.5 miles of the force main was replaced with ductile iron pipe in 2002 after a serious pipe failure.

Another catastrophic failure occurred in 2007. The County took a pro-active approach to this situation and asked P&N to prepare a Project Plan for State Revolving Fund (SRF) money. P&N then designed the replacement force main, which includes 8.3 miles of 60-inch ductile iron pipe, and an additional mile of smaller force main. P&N’s extensive knowledge of Muskegon County’s system was valuable in creating a well thought out, economical plan.

The new force main has a corrosion monitoring system, reducing the possibility of future failures. It also includes isolation valves at various points along the route. In the case of a pipe failure, these valves allow the affected area to be isolated, limiting the amount of wastewater spilled, and allow service to continue in some parts of the County.

A significant challenge on this project was maintaining uninterrupted service without wastewater spills. Connecting the new 60-inch force main to the existing force main was be done with a bypass / line stop. P&N has designed a bypass of this size on 3 separate projects for MCWMS.


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