Harlem Drain

Ottawa County Drain Commission

P&N studies and helps shore up eroded drain, staying on schedule to receive USDA funding.

In the Fall of 2008, numerous sections of the Harlem Drain’s stream bank eroded during a flood. The erosion threatened surrounding properties and a busy roadway.

The OCDC received funding from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for repair and reconstruction of the drain.

P&N determined the most critical locations for drain repair, designed the repairs, and provided construction management for the project. All work needed to be completed by August 2009 to receive funding.

Stream banks were reconstructed and armored with properly designed rock rip rap in eight locations, and J-hook vanes were utilized for additional protection. Approximately 400 feet of the drain channel was re-routed to protect the roadway. Tree stumps, trunks, brush and debris were removed from over four miles of drain to facilitate maximum conveyance of storm water through the drain.


Hydraulic Specialist and Engineer Tom Smith, PE, (616) 364-8491

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