Loomis Street Boat Launch Breakwater

City of Ludington

New grant-funded breakwater eliminates need for annual dredging at Ludington boat launch.

The US Army Corps of Engineers built an offshore breakwater in Ludington’s inner harbor to protect the Loomis Street Launch Ramp from waves entering the harbor from Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, the waves that reflected around and behind the breakwater carried large amounts of sand that collected on the ramp, requiring annual dredging at the cost of $35,000 a year.

Prein&Newhof and Coastal Dynamics prepared a Sedimentation Mitigation Study, designed an appropriate sand mitigation structure, and assisted the city in applying for funding. The wave study also included the majority of Pere Marquette Lake, to assist the city with further development of its shoreline and harbor amenities.

Ludington was awarded two grants, one from the MDNR Waterways Fund, which required a 25% local match, and the other from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund for a walkway on top of the breakwater, requiring a 25% local match. As the two grants were leveraged against each other, the resulting local cost was minimized.

The 280-foot breakwater includes 1.5 tons of armor stone to resist a 5.5-foot maximum wave height. At its top are a concrete walkway and railing to allowing views of the lake and harbor.

This project was the first phase of a waterfront improvement plan that will include the area between the boat launch and the north breakwater, and will be completed in phases as funding is received.


Marine Engineer Matt Hulst, PE, (231) 798-0101

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