M–91 Streetscape

City of Greenville

The City of Greenville and its Downtown Development Authority wanted to revitalize Greenville’s downtown by creating a new streetscape that would be more inviting to pedestrian shoppers.

Prein&Newhof’s role included complete road reconstruction design, drainage and utility improvements, new sidewalks, construction observation and administration. P&N teamed with OCBA, a landscape architecture firm, who designed landscaping improvements including brick crosswalks, street lights, and intersection planter walls.

The road was redesigned from a 4-lane cross-section to a 3-lane cross-section, which included a center left turn lane. Right turn lanes were added at each intersection. This new design allowed for the addition of “traffic calming” measures, which created a safer thoroughfare for M-91, Greenville’s main north-south street. Even with the lane reductions, traffic study models predict only a 50 car/day reduction in road capacity, making Greenville’s downtown more inviting and safer for pedestrian shoppers.

The project included some challenges, chief among them was the extremely flat road grades along centerline (e.g. 2.3% slope) and the close proximity (14 feet) of the buildings from the back of the curbs. This precluded redesigning the road grades to a steeper slope, which would facilitate better stormwater flow through the curb gutters.


Project Manager Jim Kirkwood, PE, (616) 364-8491

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