Airport Improvements

Muskegon County Airport

Since 1983, Prein&Newhof has designed and overseen construction for over $10 million in improvements at the Muskegon County Airport.

Terminal & General Aviation Apron Expansion (Ongoing)

The 50-year-old Terminal & GA Apron needed to be reconstructed and expanded to accommodate modern aircraft movements. P&N designed the project using a combination of reconstruction, unbonded concrete overlay, and expansion to achieve the most cost-effective solution for the Airport. The expanded apron area will permit the existing gates to serve one more aircraft by providing a safe path around the other parking position.

The finished project will provide over 44,000 square yards of new concrete apron pavement. An LED taxiway lighting system will be added. A number of tee hangar aprons will also be rehabilitated. A sequential phasing plan was developed to maintain all airport operations throughout the project.

The 1st phase of the project was constructed in 2014. The remainder of the project will be constructed in 2015.

ALP and Exhibit A Update (2010)

In 2008, Muskegon County shifted and extended Runway 14/32 and reconfigured several taxiways. Although an ALP update was completed in 2004 in advance of the RSA project, the FAA required that a new one be performed to show the new airport configuration. Inclusion of recently acquired properties on the airport’s Exhibit A was also required. P&N updated the ALP and the Exhibit A and initiated use of a GIS-based format for the Exhibit A update. This GIS database provides a graphical method of finding specific data relevant to each property. It is also expandable and could include all of the existing parcel data as well as any future acquisitions and easements.

Runway 14/32 Extension (2008)

Muskegon County’s secondary Runway 14/32 had an inadequate Runway Safety Area (RSA), ending in a bluff overlooking Mona Lake. It was also too short to serve as a back-up primary runway, which was often necessary during the winter, due to wind shifts off nearby Lake Michigan.

P&N developed a plan to shift and lengthen the runway, but it required moving a public road and was estimated to cost $9 million – nearly 10 times Muskegon County’s annual entitlement from the FAA. After a 5-year negotiation period, Muskegon County, P&N, and the FAA worked out a plan to fund the project in three phases.

P&N designed the improvements, which included shifting and lengthening Runway 14/32, adding a parallel taxiway, relocating the instrument landing system, reconfiguring various taxiways for safety and efficiency, and resurfacing the older section of Runway 14/32.

Grand Haven Road Relocation (2006)

The Muskegon County Airport was shifting and lengthening Runway 14/32. This caused the RSA around the runway to overlap with nearby Grand Haven Road. To keep the road out of the RSA and the airport’s navigable air space, the P&N team designed a new route for 4,000 feet of Grand Haven Road. A number of intersections were also redesigned to accommodate expected changes in traffic flow. Prein&Newhof performed survey, design, permitting, and construction observation for this project.

Other Recent Airport Improvements

  • ALP Update & Revision (2009)
  • CADD Services for the Muskegon Air Fair (1998-2007)
  • RSA Improvements & Animal Control Fence (2004)
  • Fencing & Gate Improvements (2002)
  • RSA Study & ALP update (2001)
  • T-Hangar site development (1998)
  • North ramp & taxiway rehabilitation (1997)
  • Southwest ramp & taxiway rehabilitation (1997)
  • Land Release – Airport Business Park (1995)
  • ALP & Exhibit A update (1995)


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