Northside Water System

Muskegon County

Muskegon County gets growth potential and better reliability with new water system on the County’s north side.

In 2002, Muskegon County received a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to supply water to Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park, located in Dalton and Fruitland Townships. At that time, the existing water system ended 3.5 miles south of the park.

The Muskegon County DPW retained Prein&Newhof to evaluate the potential for water supply to Michigan’s Adventure.

P&N evaluated several possible locations for booster stations and several locations for storage, including both elevated and ground storage. P&N also analyzed the possibility of supplying Whitehall Township and the Cities of Whitehall and Montague with this system, and adding reliability via a redundant transmission main.

The Northside system includes a booster station, 3.5 miles of 24-inch transmission main, and a 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank at Michigan’s Adventure.

If future expansion warrants, it will be possible to extend the 24-inch transmission main to Whitehall Township with emergency connection to the City of Whitehall. A second transmission main and another booster station will be required if Whitehall and Montague desire routine service.


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