Pedestrian Tunnel Under M-57

City of Greenville

Trail loop around Greenville completed with award-winning pedestrian tunnel under M-57.

Greenville wanted to turn the 6-mile Fred Meijer Flat River Trail into a loop around the City. Built in three phases over the last decade, the $6.5-million trail connects downtown Greenville, six parks, and Greenville High School. It also includes a spectacular, three-mile stretch along the scenic Flat River. P&N designed or provided support for each of the trail phases.

The last link in the trail loop was a crossing under busy M-57 on the east end of town. Greenville’s City Engineer and the Prein&Newhof team decided that a handicap-accessible tunnel under M-57 would be the best alternative. They found a suitable spot at the intersection of M-57 and Maplewood Street.

The City was dedicated to making the tunnel beautiful as well as useful. Its interior walls are decorated with 530 tiles hand-made by local artists of all ages. The tiles depict Greenville’s history and include impressions of items taken from archeological digs in the area.

The walls of the tunnel approach are lined with an attractive, natural stone finish and topped with stone traffic-safety barriers to keep pedestrians safe. To prevent vandalism, the tunnel is well-lit and includes electronic aluminum gates at each end that close it during the night. There is also a panic button at each end of the tunnel to open the gate, should someone accidentally get stuck inside the tunnel.

The $1.4 million project was funded by MDOT grants, the Meijer Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation, and Greenville’s Capital Improvements Fund.

To accommodate a quick construction schedule, Greenville ordered the tunnel sections before letting construction bids. The project was advertised, bid, and constructed in less than 6 months. The tunnel was built in two halves to allow uninterrupted traffic on M-57.


Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award (2011), American Society of Civil Engineers (Michigan Section)


Project ManagerĀ Jason Washler, PE, 616-364-8491

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