Porous-Pavement Parking Lot

IRS Center in Grand Rapids

Porous pavement and underground stormwater detention help IRS to go green.

Prein&Newhof was sub-contracted by Dan Vos Construction to complete the site design for a new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Taxpayer Assistance Center.

The P&N team was charged with setting the building elevation to minimize earthwork activities on the site, designing the public utilities serving the building, laying out the parking lot to meet the local zoning ordinance, and designing the stormwater management system for the increased runoff.

The stormwater had to be detained on site, and there was minimal green space between the asphalt parking area and the right-of-way line, so the P&N team recommended underground detention.

Because the soil conditions were sandy, a leaching system was used. In addition, P&N was able to reduce costs by designing the paving to use traditional bituminous asphalt on 80% and porous bituminous asphalt overlaying a stone matrix detention system on the remaining 20%.

The porous pavement is at the lower end of the parking lot to collect the runoff and store it underground, where it can leach away into the sand. In the event that the storm exceeds the capacity of the detention system, the stormwater will sheet flow directly into the roadside ditch on the south edge of the parking lot.

P&N was able to achieve township approval on the site plan within only six weeks.


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