Pump Station C Replacement

Muskegon County Wastewater Management System

New 55-mgd Pump Station is more efficient, more reliable, and much easier to maintain.

Muskegon County’s Pump Station C transmits nearly all of the wastewater in the County’s system to its treatment plant. P&N designed a new, more efficient pump station at approximately the same location.

The new station is equipped with variable frequency drives and has a peak flow capacity of 55 million gallons per day. It has a larger and deeper wet-well than the previous station to eliminate existing vortexing and to provide for storage.

The station was constructed as two independent pump stations in one building – having two wet wells, two dry wells, and separate but interconnected control systems. This will provide system redundancy and dramatically improve the ease of maintenance. To increase reliability, the new station also has 2 separate electrical feeds from Consumers Energy, plus a 2.5 megawatt generator.

The pump station was designed to blend with the surrounding office buildings. It is equipped with an odor-control system, quarters for the maintenance personnel, and a garage for the MCWMS vehicles and equipment.


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