Sewer Evaluation Data Conversion to GIS

GIS helps communities understand their sewer evaluation data and make better decisions.

NTH has been providing its clients with sanitary sewer evaluations for years. The end product of these evaluations is an extensive report containing condition assessments, plan and profiles, and hours of closed circuit video. NTH has long sought to incorporate this information into GIS allowing their clients a more intuitive manner to access this information.

P&N established a methodology to incorporate the various forms of information into an interactive map-based, GIS format. All documents are linked to their specific location in a sanitary sewer system and can be accessed by clicking on the map. CCTV video can be viewed as well by clicking on an identified defect found in the evaluation. This has significantly enhanced the overall usability of these reports and centralized the data.

P&N also produced custom programming to link evaluation videos to specific defects. This functionality is not available in out-of-the-box GIS software.

This project has assisted NTH’s clients in helping put complicated data into a format that is easier to grasp. In addition, municipal decision makers are better informed by understanding the specific condition of their sanitary sewer systems. No longer is it necessary for high level decision makers to wade through entire reports and engineering data. They simply view the map to see the overall condition of their system, and drill down to more details in areas that need repairs or attention.


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