Texas Drive Re-Alignment

Texas Township

Texas Charter Township improves an awkward intersection in its downtown with re-alignment of Texas Drive, creating more confident traffic flow.

The Texas Corners area of Texas Township, essentially the downtown, struggled with an awkward intersection where Texas Drive terminates into 8th St. The intersection is at a skew angle, making traffic flow and turning movements difficult. The problem has progressively become worse as population growth in the Township has led to increased traffic.

The Township and the local DDA have been slowly acquiring property over the last few years in anticipation of someday initiating a project to realign the intersection and provide for a 90-degree intersection. The opportunity for funding came with the 2009 ARRA Stimulus package. Prein&Newhof, Texas Township’s engineer, worked with the Kalamazoo County Road Commission and the Township to have funds reserved to provide for construction of the project.

P&N worked with the Kalamazoo County Road Commission (KCRC) to design Texas Drive and prepare the necessary documents to be bid through the MDOT letting process. P&N also obtained the remaining right-of-way necessary and to perform the environmental clearances for the project (SHPO, USF&W, MDNR, etc.).

The design incorporated portions of the Township’s master plan for non-motorized facilities within the project, with the addition of a bike bath and sidewalks.

As part of the project, 900 feet of roadway was relocated, 850 feet of roadway was widened and 900 feet of roadway was eliminated and all designed to meet the latest road commission standards and site distances. This project also included 550 feet of storm sewer and nearly 6,000 square feet of concrete sidewalk to serve the residents in the area.


Project Manager Tom Wheat, PE, (269) 372-3411

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