Water Supply System

Holland Charter Township

In 1970, Prein&Newhof designed Holland Charter Township’s first metering station, transmission main, and storage tank. Since that time, the township’s population has tripled, and P&N has helped Holland serve new residents with reliable water service.

The current water system includes:

  • A connection to the City of Wyoming transmission mains at four locations for reliability.
  • Two booster/metering stations and two metering stations connected to the City of Wyoming transmission main, providing more than 20,000 gallons per minute.
  • One ground storage and 5 elevated storage tanks providing a total storage capacity of 7.7 million gallons.
  • Over 180 miles of water main within Township borders, and another 100 miles in adjacent townships.
  • Two different pressure districts due to the topography within the Township.

By providing a good source for potable water and fire suppression, the water supply system helps facilitate the township’s growth. The water system is also a key component in expanding the township’s tax base through the development of industrial parks, commercial businesses, and a mixed variety of residential communities. The water supply not only serves Holland Charter Township, but also portions of Park Township and Zeeland Charter Township.

Prein&Newhof has assisted the township with many aspects of this system:

  • Master Planning & Design
  • Design of Pipes, Pump Station, Metering Stations, and Storage Tanks
  • Preparing over 100 Special Assessment Districts
  • Determining Connection Fees
  • Assisting with Preparation of System Ordinances
  • Performing System Reliability Studies
  • Assisting in Construction Drawing Review
  • Field Observation and Maintenance of Construction Records

Recent Projects

  • 136th Avenue Transmission Replacement (2010 and 2013)
  • Riley Street Water Main Relocation (2011)
  • Water Reliability Study Update (2010)
  • Chicago Drive Water Main Replacement (2009)
  • River Avenue Water Main Replacement (2009)
  • Butternut Drive Water Main (2007)


Project Manager Ken Bosma, PE, (616) 394-0200

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