Water & Wastewater GIS

Muskegon County

P&N helps Muskegon County communities work together with standardized GIS data models.

Muskegon County Department of Equalization leads the GIS mapping efforts for Muskegon County. Their latest goal has been to develop the GIS databases for sanitary sewer and water systems.

There are several different owners/providers of water and sewer systems in Muskegon County, most of which have yet to develop GIS data. The County sought to create standardized water and sewer databases that could be used by all providers throughout the county and ensure data sharing among the various providers.

Muskegon County assembled a working group of representatives from the various County, township, and city water and sewer providers. P&N began the project by hosting a GIS seminar that introduced the workgroup to general GIS concepts such as database design, validation, and data relationships. The group reviewed a proposed outline of water and sewer databases and then provided comments and improvements that would best suit their needs. P&N revised the database designs and delivered two database models that are now being shared with all of the workgroup participants. P&N worked with Muskegon County on several iterations of the database designs that exceeded the requirements of the proposal.

Each workgroup participant is now using the same ‘blue print’ for building sanitary and water databases. It was a challenge introducing GIS concepts to non-GIS users from the working group. P&N engineers accompanied the GIS staff to all meetings, helping to bridge the gap between groups.

The design of a GIS database can constitute 10-20% of the overall effort for mapping any utility system. By coordinating this effort among the water and sewer providers of Muskegon County, Muskegon County municipalities will enjoy a cost savings when populating their own GIS water & sewer databases.


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