Winston Road & Carlton Creek Culvert Replacement

Village of Rothbury funds an unexpected road reconstruction and culvert replacement using creativity with MDOT.

Rothbury had received $250,000 in MDOT Surface Transportation Program (STP) and Category D (Secondary All-Season Roads) funds to resurface 1 mile of Winston Road. During a preliminary study of the road, P&N discovered that there was little or no aggregate under the existing pavement and the road needed to be reconstructed. They also discovered that the culvert at Carlton Creek was under-sized and needed to be replaced. Both of these significantly increased the project cost.

The P&N team learned that a former iron foundry in the Village was scheduled to re-open, bringing 300 jobs to the area within the next two years. The foundry would add significant truck traffic to Winston Road, a main route to US-31.

P&N contacted the MDOT Economic Development Office to see if the Winston Road reconstruction would qualify for a Category A grant because of the increased truck traffic. MDOT agreed, provided that Winston Road could be upgraded all the way to US-31.

The 1.4-mile stretch of Winston Road between Rothbury and US-31 is maintained by the Oceana County Road Commission and is located in Grant Township. P&N worked with both parties, and Grant Township agreed to partner with Rothbury and pay for engineering on their portion of the project. MDOT issued a $1 million grant for construction of the project. In addition, the Road Commission has agreed to purchase the millings from Rothbury’s portion of Winston Road for an estimated $20,000.

Rothbury’s STP and State D funds will act as part of the match for the Category A funds and will also be used to reconstruct the portion of Winston Road within the Village that didn’t qualify for Category A funds and to replace the culvert at Carlton Creek.

Because Carlton Creek is designated as a Natural River, the culvert project also received a $25,000 grant from the National Fish Passage Program of the US Fish & Wildlife Service.


Project Manager Barbara Marczak, PE, (231) 798-0101

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