Reeds Lake Blvd Boardwalk Opens Today

On Friday, October 9, at 10am the City of East Grand Rapids is cutting the ribbon to officially open its new boardwalk on Reeds Lake Boulevard. The boardwalk spans the channel connecting Reeds Lake with Fisk Lake. It is directly adjacent to another P&N-designed project, a new bridge carrying Reeds Lake Boulevard over the channel. The old bridge was a 108-in.-diameter corrugated steel structure from the 1930s, which had sunk several feet because the underlying soil had structural properties similar to toothpaste. It’s hard to build anything on toothpaste. P&N’s challenge was to provide a design that would not settle when placed on the existing soil. Both the new bridge and boardwalk are supported by 80-ft-long steel pilings.

The most popular walk in EGR is the one around Reeds Lake. The walkway adjacent to Reeds Lake Boulevard is an integral part of East Grand Rapids’ trail system. This section of the trail system was closed for much of the summer as there was no safe way to skirt the construction site.

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