Grand Haven Spring Lake Sewer Authority – Headworks Building Project

Monday, August 5, 2019

Work completed since last update (7/15):

  • Rise well, a portion of the grit chamber, and outlet channel were formed and poured (7/19)

    From Left to right: The rise well, circular grit chamber ,and effluent channel


  • Fillets in wet well were poured (7/24)

    Concrete crew working on the fillets in the wet well


  • Footings for east side of headworks building formed and poured (7/24 – 7/26)

    Concrete crews pouring and finishing the footing for the headworks building


  • Short support walls for the grit channel and grit dumpster rooms formed and poured (7/29)

    Concrete crews pouring the support walls


  • Local wet well pumps and piping installed, process piping in meter chamber and valve chamber are being assembled

    36-inch header located in the meter chamber


  • Progress on conduit near primary sludge building, and conduit inside activated sludge building

    Duct Bank running to the primary sludge building

Anticipated work in August:

  • Epoxy coat wet well
  • Continue to install process piping and valves in valve and meter chambers
  • Form and pour floor and channel walls
  • Begin masonry construction for headworks building
  • Form and pour transformer pad near primary sludge building
  • Continue to run conduit in buildings and duct banks in yard


Monday, July 15, 2019

Work completed to date:

  • Excavation of site, preparation of construction area for new Local Pump Station and Headworks Building (April – May 2019)
  • The location of the new Local Pump Station and Headworks Building, prepped for excavation
    • Slabs, walls, and decks for the Local Pump Station wet well and valve chamber, and meter chamber for the Headworks were formed and poured (May – June 2019)
  • Remainder of 16” Spring Lake force main was installed—connecting to the new meter chamber (July 2nd)
  • Rise well, grit chamber, and grit outlet channel base slabs were formed and poured (July 11th, 2019)

Anticipated work this month:

  • Start process piping and valves in wet well, valve chamber, and meter chamber
  • Install electrical duct banks in yard
  • Form and pour grit chamber, rise well, and grit outlet channel walls
  • Pour fillets in the Local Pump Station wet well

Prepping for excavation of the location of the new local Pump Station and Headworks Building













The local Pump Station wet well base slab with reinforcing steel shown

Local Pump Station wet well concrete poured on May 5, 2019

The final section of the 16” Spring Lake force main



















The base slab being poured of the valve & meter chamber on Jun 11, 2019.














Important Information

Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of the Grand Haven Spring Lake Sewer Authority.

Please contact Prein&Newhof if you have any questions whatsoever regarding construction, the design plans, or if there are any issues.

Project Manager: Nate Ver Heul, PE

(616) 432–6727 // Email


Contractor (general): Triangle Construction

Subcontractor (concrete): Van Laan Concrete

Subcontractor (electrical): Windemuller

Subcontractor (mechanical): Allied Mechanical

Subcontractor (earthwork): Jackson–Merkey Contractors


Construction is scheduled to last until June 2020.

All work and schedules are weather dependent.

Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation!