Grand Haven Spring Lake Sewer Authority – Spring Lake Force Main Replacement Project

Friday, March 22, 2019

Work completed this week:

  • Gabe’s Construction had the Fusible PVC pipe delivered to the site and began stringing and fusing pipe along Beechtree Street from Fulton Street to the north. The contractor anticipates 10–12 days of fusing. Below is a photo of the fusing machine and the pipeline strung out along Beechtree Street.
  • Gabe’s Construction encountered some issues during the reaming process and has begun to redrill the pilot hole.
  • West Michigan Dirtworks completed storm pipe installation from Beechtree Street/Fulton Street intersection south. The intersection has been cleared and smoothed up for Gabe’s construction to continue pipe fusing operation.

What to anticipate next week:

  • Gabe’s Construction will continue to work on the pilot hole. 
  • West Michigan Dirtworks will likely receive materials for the Spring Lake Lift Station by–pass late next week. Until then, the Contractor will not be present, as they are ahead of schedule through next week.
  • Monday, April 15th is the anticipated start date for work on the Village of Spring Lake side, beginning on Division Street and moving down Exchange Street toward Cutler Street.


  • Gabe’s Construction is reviewing their schedule and will likely work two shifts during the reaming process to get back on schedule. West Michigan Dirtworks remains on schedule. 


Friday, March 15, 2019

Work completed this week:

  • Gabe’s Construction completed the pilot hole on the directional drill! On Tuesday the last pipe was installed and crews located the pipe on the south side of the river at the north end of Beechtree. 3,975 feet across the Grand River and they hit the spot within a foot for alignment and will have minor adjustments on grade. 
  • Crews are setting up their mud rig on the south side of the river and are preparing for the reaming process, which involves cleaning out the hole that the pipe will be pulled back through.
  • On Monday, West Michigan Dirtworks began their week with the final connection from 12-inch bypass assemblies to new 16-inch force main. Once all connections were complete, the new 16-inch main was pressure tested to 150psi, and held tight. The transfer was made Wednesday morning. That allowed WMDW to begin removing the old 12-inch main from the Beechtree/Fulton intersection south. The Beechtree cul-de-sac was also prepared for Gabe’s Construction to begin their set up in the cul-de-sac. With removals complete from Beechtree/Fulton south, the storm system installation has begun, and will likely go into early next week.

What to expect next week:

  • Gabe’s Construction anticipates beginning to ream the hole to its final diameter beginning on Monday or Tuesday.
  • West Michigan Dirtworks will complete storm system installation, and make road passable, but still remaining closed. 
  • Both Contractors remain on schedule, although the pipe delivery was delayed by a couple of weeks. 


Friday, March 8, 2019

Work completed this week:

  • The week started out with another blast of brutally cold weather that slowed the start of the work week for both crews. Hopefully soon the tarps and weather protection shown below can come down.


  • Gabe’s Construction began directionally drilling the pilot hole for the river crossing. At the end of the day on Thursday, the pilot hole was drilled approximately 25% of total length.
  • West Michigan Dirtworks continued removing asphalt on Beechtree to prepare for the pipe installation. The proposed 16-inch pipe installation started on Tuesday, as well as demo of 18-inch storm system pipe. Force main construction will continue into early next week when the connection will be made completing all force main south of Fulton. The progress is good with only minor delays encountering undocumented abandoned utilities.


Anticipated work for next week:

  • Gabe’s Construction anticipates completing the pilot hole by the end of next week and will begin reaming the hole to its final diameter.
  • West Michigan Dirtworks will make final connection of force main at City Auto Body lot. Testing will begin on installed pipe. Flow transfer is scheduled for March 15.
  • Both Contractors remain on schedule.


Friday, March 1, 2019

Work completed this week:

  • Gabe’s Construction completed placing the sound attenuation fence along the eastern right-of-way on Cutler Street. The Contractor delivered the Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) equipment and set up the drill rig and associated support equipment along Cutler Street.

  • Cutler Street is now closed to traffic to the south of Exchange Street. Access to residences and businesses will be maintained.
  • West Michigan Dirtworks installed 16” Wye, and two gate valves on Beechtree street forcemain in preparation of flow transfer.
  • The existing 16” force main has been exposed and terminated at proposed location, and temporary blow off was installed to pressure test all previously installed 16” forcemain.
  • The week wrapped up with road closure and detour on Beechtree north of Columbus.
  • Demolition of Beechtree Street has commenced along with pressure test of the existing 16” forcemain.

What to anticipate next week:

  • Demolition of the road and existing storm system will continue on Beechtree, along with the installation of the 16-inch force main pipe.
  • Gabe’s Construction anticipates beginning HDD operations on Monday, March 4. The contractor will begin by drilling the pilot hole, which is scheduled to take approximately ten days.

Both Contractors remain on schedule.


Friday, February 22, 2019

Work Completed This Week:

  • Gabe’s Construction mobilized and began site preparation for the horizontal directional drill (HDD).
  • The contractor placed SESC measures and traffic control items for the path, located existing underground utilities, and constructed the pad for the drill rig on Cutler Street.
  • The contractor began placing the sound attenuation fence along the east ROW of Cutler Street.
  • The HDD drill rig and mud recycling rig are onsite.
  • West Michigan Dirtworks had City Services install line stops on the Grand Haven side of the project, as well as live taps.
  • The contractor removed the parking lot of City Auto Body and completed installation of new force main on the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) site and City Auto Body site.

Drill Rig that is staged on Cutler Street


What to anticipate next week:

  • Gabe’s Construction will be completing the site preparation work and will be setting up the HDD rig and other equipment.
  • The contractor will begin stockpiling materials onsite or at the lay-down area.
  • The contractor will install 16” Wye on Beechtree Forcemain (north of Fulton) and test the existing 16” forcemain that was installed previously.
  • The contractor will also be installing soil erosion measures on the Spring Lake side of the project, and preparing for closure of Beechtree the following week.

Note: Road closure for Beechtree from Columbus to the north is scheduled for March 1st.
Detour shown below


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

This is the first construction update for the Grand Haven Spring Lake Sewer Authority Spring Lake Force Main Replacement project that will be ongoing for the next several months in the City of Grand Haven and the Village of Spring Lake.

West Michigan Dirtworks has mobilized equipment on the north end of Beechtree Street and will be concentrating efforts in this area along with on the wastewater treatment plant site and City Auto Body site. Gabe’s Construction will begin mobilizing equipment to Cutler Street and Beechtree Street. Michigan Gas Utilities is wrapping up a gas main replacement that was completed in preparation of the direction drill.

Here is what to expect the remaining of this week and next week:

  • Temporary traffic control barricades and signs began showing up to the job site this week and the detour signs are being installed. Detour and road closure signs are being installed in both Grand Haven and Spring Lake in anticipation of future work. Closures over the next couple of weeks will be limited to Cutler Street south of Exchange and Beechtree Street north of Fulton with access to local traffic being maintained. Future closures in the Village of Spring Lake: Division Street south of Exchange Street and Exchange Street from Division to Cutler and in the City of Grand Haven: Beechtree Street north of Columbus (after March 1st).
  • Michigan Gas Utilities will be completing work on Cutler Street and at the intersection with Exchange Street. A temporary patch in the road will be completed as this area will be removed and replaced with the forcemain construction this spring.
  • Construction equipment and materials will be delivered to the project sites in both Spring Lake and Grand Haven.
  • The pavement is being removed on the north end of Beechtree street in the cul-de-sac and will move on to the wastewater treatment plant and at City Auto Body.
  • Access to driveways will be maintained.
  • Directional drill crews will be trimming trees, removing brush, closing the bike path at the end of Cutler and installing soil erosion measures along with constructing their drill pad on Cutler Street. 

Please let us know if you have any problems with mail delivery, garbage collection, or access, or other construction related issues.



Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field on behalf of the Grand Haven Spring Lake Sewer Authority.

Project Engineer: Matt Hulst, PE

Project Manager: Kevin Kieft, PE


Contractor (force main): West Michigan Dirtworks of Fruitport

Contractor (directional drilling): Gabe’s Construction of Sheboygan, WI


Construction is scheduled to last until July 1, 2019.

All work and schedules are weather dependent.

Please contact Prein&Newhof if you have any questions whatsoever regarding
construction, the design plans, or if there are any issues. Thank you very much
for your patience and cooperation.