Worth Township – Sewer Construction Project

No property owners may connect to the sanitary sewer system until the Township notifies you in writing that you may apply for all applicable permits from the Township, County Building Department, and the County Health Department. The system is currently undergoing final air testing, video taping, and testing of the pump stations.

All Maps have been updated to reflect installed sewer pipes. Final testing procedures are underway.

  • From Chippewa Dr. to Meadow Lark Dr.Zone 1  *Completed
  • From Meadow Lark Dr. to Maple Rd. – Zone 2  *Completed
  • From Nymph Rd. to Forest Dr.Zone 3  *Completed
  • From Mill Creek Rd. to Elmwood Rd.Zone 4  *Completed
  • From Elmwood Rd. to Dian Rd. Zone 5  *Completed
  • From Park Ave. to Galbraith Line Rd.Zone 6  *Completed