3D Modeling

Using the Autodesk Civil 3D package in AutoCad, P&N can create a three-dimensional model  (triangulated irregular network, or TIN) which guides GPS-controlled earth-moving equipment, increasing efficiency in the field. This model can also be used to produce a 3D-style drawing that allows owners to visualize what a site will look like at project completion and make changes before any dirt is turned. The model extends below the ground and can show any piping/utility conflicts that may be present — allowing for adjustments on the plan, not in the trench — increasing project profits.

Prein&Newhof has the knowledge and capability to take just about any set of plans, hard copy or electronic, and create the 3D Model for use in the field.  Our survey crews are also experienced in setting the proper ground control on the project site for the contractor to use.

Creating a 3D model before construction can help:

  • Catch errors and omissions
  • Find missing data
  • Gather complete information before construction starts

We provide:

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • GPS control points
  • DTM for GPS-controlled grading equipment
  • Staking point files for curbs & utilities
  • Line work file for overlay with digital model top down view
  • Review of digital models
  • File reduction of line work drawings
  • Color Grading Cut/Fill Map

Here’s an example of a heat map: