Thirty-plus years serving large and small airports – hundreds of projects both airside and landside – P&N’s experience allows us to serve you as an extension of your staff to help you optimize the operation of your airport and meet your challenges head-on. Prein&Newhof designed its first airport project in 1982. Since then, our airport consulting practice has expanded to include over twenty General Aviation and Air Carrier Airports across Michigan.  We have a strong reputation for creative design, unrivaled construction support, and giving every client our undivided attention. Our Airport Consulting services include:

  • Airport management consulting
  • ALP & Exhibit A Updates
  • Runways & Taxiways
  • Aprons & Ramps
  • Streets & Parking Lots
  • Signage, Lighting, Fencing, & Gates
  • Site Design
  • Stormwater & Wetland Mitigation
  • Transportation & Parking Studies
  • Airport Planning
  • Airport Capital Improvement Programs (ACIP)
  • Grant Management

Because we offer a wide range of airport consulting services, we can do even complicated projects in-house, including those requiring utility design, stormwater management, and environmental consulting. We also have strong relationships with the FAA, Michigan Bureau of Aeronautics, and MDEQ and MDNR. The next time you’re considering an airport project, contact John Stroo or Bob Nelesen at (616) 364-8491.


Prein&Newhof Buys QoE Consulting, PLC

Official Press Release (January 2019)




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