Non-Motorized Trails

A good non-motorized trail system can encourage business, tourism, and civic pride. It can bring people together. But first you have to get it built.

Trail projects take months of coordination and cooperation – among residents and businesses, road commissions, funding agencies, and permitting agencies. We can help you bring it all together.

We can manage your trail project from start to finish — planning, funding, design, floodplain and wetland permitting, easement and right-of-way acquisition, surveying, and soil testing. Our engineers know the appropriate ADA, AASHTO, and MDOT design standards.

We will also be your ally during community meetings and your on-site representative during construction. Our field crews are attentive and hands-on, working hard to keep residents happy.

Looking for funding? We have experience administering a variety of trails grant programs and will work with you to develop creative financing packages.

If you need help making your next trail project possible, contact Scott Post, PE at (616) 364-8491.

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