Two Prein&Newhof Engineers honored with MSPE Awards


Michigan Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE) recently announced its state award winners. We are pleased to share that two Prein&Newhof employees received very significant awards.

“Congratulations!” to Brian Merk, PE who was awarded the 2020 MSPE Young Engineer of the Year and to Prein&Newhof Vice President Mark Prein, PE who was honored with the 2020 MSPE Engineer of the Year Award.

Brian joined Prein&Newhof in 2015, after graduating from Michigan State University with his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a Transportation focus. At P&N, Brian is a Project Engineer assisting with the design and construction of airport projects around the state. He also works on site development projects that involve the design of pavement, grading and drainage, storm sewer, water main, and sanitary sewer. Brian was licensed as Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan in 2019, and is a member of MSPE.

Mark joined Prein&Newhof as a Project Engineer in 1994, after graduating from Northwestern University with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Notre Dame. Today, as a Project Manager and Team Leader, Mark’s focus is on municipal engineering as well as wastewater treatment and collection, drinking water treatment and distribution, groundwater remediation, and landfills. Mark is a pioneer in the removal of PFAS from drinking water within an existing treatment plant, the design and operation of membrane filtration wastewater treatment plant, and the remediation of pipes and structures exposed to hydrogen sulfide. As a Vice President, Mark leads by example with integrity, mentoring his colleagues in the importance of seeing farther while maintaining attention to detail, and always with the utmost concern for the best interest of every client. Mark is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Michigan and Indiana, and he has been a member of MSPE for 25 years.

Brian and Mark are certainly very deserving of this professional recognition by their peers.

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