• Asset Management: Getting the most from your infrastructure

    By James R. Hegarty, P.E., Barbara Marczak, P.E., and Brian Vilmont, P.E. Our infrastructure provides the foundation on which our communities are built: the roads that enable our transportation, the watermains that provide our drinking water, the sewers and treatment plants that put clean water back into our environment, and the buildings upon which our […]

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  • DDAs and Economic Development

    Not everyone is aware of downtown development authorities (DDA), or why they are important. Many cities have one, and Michigan has 35 of them. Prein&Newhof often works with DDAs on projects related to streetscapes and downtown infrastructure. Downtown is considered the heart of the city. It is an expanse of a few streets that are […]

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  • Five Myths about Great Lakes Water

    There’s a growing fear that the Great Lakes water is in danger, and that we need to work quickly to keep people from trying to steal it – or worse, sell and profit from it. Fortunately, this fear is unfounded, based largely on myths about current laws and practices.   Myth #1 – We are […]

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