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At Prein&Newhof, we work to serve our clients, educate our communities, and offer employees challenging careers. Together, we build strong, sustainable communities and improve the quality of life throughout Michigan. We employ more than 150 professionals, including engineers, GIS and CADD specialists, surveyors, geologists, construction observers, chemists, and support staff. All full-time employees are owners of the company, and only employees own company stock.
Interested in open civil engineering jobs in Michigan? Join our team at Prein&Newhof. A Prein&Newhof board meeting in progress.

Join Our Team

As a 100% employee-owned company, we invest in not just our clients, but also each other. We work together, utilizing each individual’s strengths to get the job done. 


Prein&Newhof works to serve our clients, educate our communities, and offer our employees challenging careers – that together we may build strong, sustainable communities and improve the quality of life throughout Michigan.


We live out our values by using them to direct everything we do. Choosing to See Farther isn’t one decision—it’s dozens of little decisions we make every day—speaking with kindness and respect, working with professionals across our company for the best interest of our clients, going the extra mile to do the right thing, making time to improve, and telling the whole truth.”


We live out our values through our dedication to think ahead, build lasting relationships, and craft long-term solutions. Our values have guided us since the beginning, and our dedication to them has made Prein&Newhof one of the most-trusted engineering firms in Michigan.

P&N values poster, what their civil engineering jobs in Michigan are like
civil engineers working at drafting boards


Since 1969, Prein&Newhof has grown from a venture of two engineers working from rented space in Grand Rapids to an established business that employs more than 150 people across Michigan.

Join Our Team

Open Positions


You may see openings for the same position with different office locations. We are able to add a team member to any one of these offices in that position. In the instance that you see one office location listed, we are only able to add a team member for that position in that office.

Civil Design Engineer
Grand Rapids Office, Muskegon Office
Civil Design Professional Engineer
Holland Office, Grand Rapids Office, Muskegon Office
Civil Engineer - Airport Team Project Manager
Traverse City Office, Grand Rapids Office
Landscape Architect
Grand Rapids Office
Municipal Civil Engineer (EIT)
Muskegon Office
Transportation Design Engineer
Grand Rapids Office, Cadillac Office
Water & Wastewater Treatment Engineer
Grand Rapids Office
Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineer (EIT)
Grand Rapids Office

Prein&Newhof provides equal employment opportunity for all persons and prohibits discrimination in employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, disability, national origin, or any other category protected by law.

Just for you


We offer a high deductible health plan and cover up to 91% of the premium cost for employees. To offset the cost of your deductible, we contribute a significant portion of your annual deductible to your Health Savings Account. If you don’t use it, the balance just keeps growing year after year

With this optional coverage, you can get yearly checkups, reduced cost contacts and glasses, and more with our vision insurance.

With this optional coverage, you can get yearly exams, cleanings, and x-rays, as well as reduced cost on basic and major services.

This account allows you to pay for dental, vision, medical, and childcare costs during a given year with money that isn’t taxed.

Prein&Newhof will match your 401(k) retirement savings up to 4%. If you contribute 8% to your 401(k) account, Prein&Newhof will contribute 4%, so that your savings for the year would total 12%. Through Principal, we offer both a Traditional and a Roth 401(k) option for you to choose from. Our employer contribution ensures that everyone is a part owner of the company through our employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

Once you’ve been with Prein&Newhof for 3 years, you have the opportunity to purchase company stock to increase your ownership.
We care about your work-life balance. That’s why we pay all of our employees hourly, and if your workload necessitates working more than 40 hours in a week, we pay you time and a half. Your extra effort is worth it.
Our employee life insurance benefit is 2 times your average salary, including bonuses, over the prior 24 months. Our spouse benefit is $10,000 and child benefit is $2,000.

Our short-term disability insurance replaces 60% of your weekly salary in the case of injury or illness. Should your injury or illness last longer than 13 weeks, long-term disability will continue to replace 60% of your weekly salary.

This optional coverage includes financial account protection, password and dark web monitoring, credit monitoring, and can protect your family members’ sensitive information, too.

  • Tuition Reimbursement – We can assist employees with the cost of tuition for job-related education.
  • Prein&Newhof University – We provide learning opportunities for those looking to keep up with their continuing education credits through hour long presentations and free lunch!
  • Professional Association Memberships – P&N believes it is important to continually learn and grow with and from our peers. That’s why we’ll pay for your association memberships fees.
  • Seminars, Conferences, Classes – Find an educational opportunity? We’ll pay for you to go learn. We believe it’s important to stay current in our areas of expertise.

We offer full-time employees who have been with us less than 10 years 19.5 days of paid time off per year and those who have been with us, or in the industry, for over 10 years 26 days of paid time off per year. 

We provide six paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

We care about your families, which is why we give every new parent two paid days per child to use as they see fit.

P&N understands there may be difficult situations that arise in an employee’s personal or work life where outside assistance may be useful to work through questions, concerns and challenges. We provide an EAP to help you through those times.

We want to make every community we live in and serve a better place to be. We are involved in many ways to be a positive force in our communities. We frequently host blood drives, participate in the Adopt-A-Road program, Annual Grand River cleanup, and so much more.