Our Culture

Our History

When Ed Prein and Tom Newhof founded Prein&Newhof they joined their creative minds, strong work ethic, solid values and ambitious ideals to create a distinctive engineering company. Since those early days, Prein&Newhof has grown from a venture of two talented engineers working from a rented space on the north side of Grand Rapids to a well–respected business that employs more than 100 people in seven locations across Michigan. Range of services grew to include everything from civil engineering and survey to airport planning, geotechnical, environmental consulting, geographic information systems, CAD, asset management, grants and funding, and more.

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Our Values

What sets Prein&Newhof apart? Our dedication to thinking ahead, building lasting relationships and crafting long-term solutions. At P&N, we see farther. Our values are: investing wisely, developing relationships, building expertise, taking responsibility, and supporting our community.

At Prein&Newhof, our strength lies not only in our degrees and technical skills, but in our dedication to thinking ahead, building lasting relationships, and crafting long-term solutions. These are our greatest assets, our competitive advantage. We See Farther.

What does this mean in our daily work? It means we refuse to find quick fixes or settle for “good enough.” We willingly sacrifice our personal preferences and egos when they stand in the way of serving our clients and each other. We never bend the truth or try to “get things past” regulatory agencies. Rather than thinking project by project, we are building infrastructures that will last and a company that will weather change and grow stronger over time.

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People Make Us Who We Are

Prein&Newhof works to serve our clients, educate our communities, and offer our employees challenging careers – that together we may build strong, sustainable communities and improve the quality of life throughout Michigan.

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