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Work began last week in what will become a Pocket Park in the old alley between Catchmark and Bell’s of Whitehall.  Removals of the old pavement and work on utility installation for what will become a new public bathroom installation later this summer began also. Drainage pipes were installed already.


Work expected this week of April 22, 2024:

  • New water line for the proposed bathroom will be installed
  • Excavation for footings for the new seat walls around the landscape areas will be installed
  • Begin pouring the footings for the seat walls
  • Grading for the sidewalk restoration
  • ALSO expected this week – Work will begin on the removal of the old fishing deck in Goodrich Park.  This work is planned to begin around Wednesday, April 24, 2024 with removals of sidewalk and the old deck.


Work expected the week of April 29, 2024:

  • Continued work on seat walls in the Pocket Park
  • Grading for the sidewalk in the Pocket Park
  • Continued removals of the remainder of the Deck in Goodrich Park
  • Removal of old sidewalk along the seawall south of the fishing deck in Goodrich Park