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Geotechnical Engineering

The material on which your foundation rests makes a difference in your property’s future. Geotechnical engineering investigates the soil, rock, and man-made soil deposits on which a structure is planned to rest and evaluates the possible risks associated with the sub-surface material.

We believe that it is important for our Geotechnical Engineers to be involved at the beginning of and throughout a construction project.

It’s common for our environment to clash with existing man-made structures. We can help you understand the challenge and develop a resolution to help preserve your investment.

Prein&Newhof’s experienced geotechnical team can perform subsurface investigations and provide strong support for:

  • Underground Structures
  • Buildings
  • Pavements
  • Bridges
  • Retaining Walls
  • Utility Installation
  • Foundations
  • Earthwork Operations
  • Excavation Support Systems
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Dewatering


We also offer field assistance to make sure your projects are built correctly, including foundation monitoring and evaluation of subsurface conditions and earthwork operations.

If you’re looking for an experienced, thorough geotechnical team, contact us.


Chris Cruickshank, PE
(616) 364-8491