Customizing your GIS to fit your needs.

A Geographic Information Systems (GIS), combines data from paper and electronic records to create an interactive, map-based computer system that allows you to store, sort, and quickly find all of your information.

P&N can customize your GIS to fit your needs, turning data into visual information that helps you make smarter decisions .

We create custom web or desktop applications to help communities get the most out of their GIS, and we provide training and on-going support.

Our GIS services include:

  • Data Collection & Creation
  • Database Design
  • Document Management Integration with GIS
  • Scanning & Data Conversions
  • Data Analysis
  • Base/Street & Utility Mapping
  • Tax/Parcel Mapping


For a GIS that does more than you expected and exactly what you need, contact us.


Ed Dempsey, GISP
(616) 364-8491