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Since 1974, Prein&Newhof’s environmental laboratory has been doing water testing for drinking water, well water, wastewater, groundwater, leachate, and surface water, including nearly 18,000 microbiology tests each year.



You can count on us for high quality, well-documented, scientifically sound results.

Prein&Newhof is one of the few laboratories in Michigan specializing in the analysis of drinking water samples. Prein&Newhof’s Laboratory is Drinking Water Certified by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) for microbiology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and metals, including lead and copper.

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We test water and/or soils for:

  • Lead and Copper
  • Organics
  • Other Metals
  • Inorganics
  • Microbiology
  • NPDES/IPP Compliance Monitoring


PFAS Testing for Drinking Water & Waste Water

Do you want your water source tested for PFAS? Contact us today at (616) 364–7600 or email our Lab Manager Steve Bylsma.

Our sampling services follow EGLE Sampling Guidance.

How to take a PFAS Sample


Drinking Water Testing:

  • Following EPA 537.1 Methodology for Drinking Water
  • $350 per sample, including trip blank
  • 10-day turn-around; Expedited turn-around time available for a fee.
  • Optional Sampling Service: $80 per man hour (one person required)
  • Capacity to test for 18 PFAS compounds


Waste Water Testing:

  • Following EPA 533 (modified) Methodology
  • $450 per sample, including trip blank
  • 10-day turn-around; Expedited turn-around time available for a fee.
  • Optional Sampling Service: $80 per man hour (two people required)
  • Capacity to test for 28 PFAS compounds


Do you still have questions regarding PFAS? We’ve got answers on our Clean Water page!



Accurate test results begins with proper sampling techniques. Not only do we perform laboratory testing, but we’ll collect your samples at your site beforehand. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

Call us to set up sampling services or order a self-sampling kit: (616) 364–7600.

If you prefer to collect your samples yourself, please follow these instructions according to the sample type:


Reporting Results

Waiting on test results can hold up your project and delay your response time. After testing, we’ll send your results in the format you want and make sure you understand them. We will help you understand and meet environmental regulations.

Our average turnaround time is five business days, but high-priority jobs can be done sooner if arranged.

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Do you need help with environmental remediation? We do that, too.


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