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Plainfield Charter Township - Westgate Water Main Replacement (Alpine Township)

Important Information

Plainfield Township’s contractor will replace the existing water main and water service within the public road right-of-ways along Kittery Drive, Bowdoin Pines Drive, and Bingham Court between April and June. Water main work will be completed by the Fourth of July holiday. On January 22, 2024, the Plainfield Charter Township Board of Trustees awarded the water main construction contract to CL Trucking & Excavating, LLC, of Ionia, MI. This project is designed to replace aging 6-inch cast iron water main with 8-inch ductile iron water main to improve system reliability and fire flows in the area.

Prior to the water main being installed, trees within the public road rights-of-way will be cleared as necessary to construct the new water main.

After the water main project, Alpine Township has coordinated separately with the Kent County Road Commission to complete road resurfacing sometime between July and September.

Access/Traffic: Local traffic will be maintained during water main construction. There may be times when your driveway is inaccessible because water main construction is occurring in front of your house or driveway restoration is taking place. The contractor will work with you ahead of time and will make special access arrangements with you if needed.

Mail: Mailboxes that interfere with water main construction will be temporarily relocated so that mail service can be maintained during construction. If your mailbox needs to be temporarily relocated, the contactor will inform you of where is has been moved to and when they anticipate it will be returned to it’s original location.

Garbage Pickup: The contactor will work with you and your waste hauler to maintain service throughout construction. If water main construction interferes with your waste haulers ability to pick up your garbage, the contractor will temporarily move your garbage bins to a central location and return them to the end of your driveway by the end of the work day.

Water Service: There will be times when your water service will be temporarily interrupted to facilitate water main connections or water service line replacement. The contractor or the Plainfield Water Department will inform you prior to this interruption taking place so that you can plan accordingly.


P&N Engineer
Jeremy Kamp, PE
Project Engineer
(616) 432-6709

P&N Construction Observer

CL Trucking & Excavating
Nick Wharry, Project Manager
(616) 527-9352

Plainfield Township
Water Department
(616) 363-9660

Progress Report: The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) worked with their paving contractor this week and milled off the existing asphalt road surface on Tuesday. The base course of asphalt was paved on Wednesday. KCRC is now working on replacing driveways as needed prior to final top course paving being completed.

Upcoming Work: CL Trucking & Excavating will be back on site in the coming weeks to complete final punch list items related to the water main construction.

Progress Report:

This week CL Trucking and Excavating made a big push to get their restoration work completed ahead of the road repaving project. KCRC was also busy preparing for the upcoming road repaving project by replacing concrete curb and gutter and replacing manhole and catch basin covers as necessary.

Upcoming Work:

CL Trucking & Excavating will be back on site at some point in the future to complete some minor punch list items. They will coordinate this work with KCRC so that it does not interfere with the road repaving project.

KCRC’s contractor is scheduled to mill off the existing asphalt road surface next Wednesday (5/22). Soon after this is completed the base course of paving will be completed. KCRC intends to replace concrete driveways as needed before paving the final course of asphalt later in early June.

Concrete work is wrapping up this week and CL Trucking & Excavating has made good progress spreading topsoil, seed, and fertilizer. Most of the lawn restoration work will be completed this week. Homeowners are responsible for watering the newly planted grass seed to promote good grass growth.

Next week CL will work on final project clean up and remove their equipment from the site. The Kent County Road Commission will start replacing select catch basin and manhole covers as well as curb and driveway removal work.

Progress Report:

  • Water service installations on Kittery were completed on Tuesday this week. -The final water main tie-in in Westshire was successfully completed on Wednesday.
  • Concrete crews have been on site Thursday and Friday this week to start concrete driveway and curb restoration.
  • Concrete work will continue next week.
  • Lawn restoration and project clean up will also start next week.
  • Asphalt road patching will be completed after the concrete work is completed.

Upcoming Work: KCRC anticipates that the road repaving project will start after the Memorial Day holiday.

CL Trucking & Excavating is working on wrapping up water service installations today.


The water main tie-in in Westshire was pushed back to Wednesday this week to allow for water service replacements on Kittery west of Westshire to be completed. Those impacted by the water main shut down should have received a door hanger from the Plainfield Water Department today. CL Trucking will do some preparatory excavation on Tuesday and tie the new water main into the existing water main on Wednesday.

Progress Report: CL Trucking & Excavating has made good progress installing water services over the last week. Water services have been completed on Kittery Drive (except for west of Westshire) and Bowdoin Pines Court. CL is currently working on Bingham Court and then will finish on Kittery Court (west of Westshire).

Upcoming Work: The final water main tie-in at Westshire and Kittery is scheduled for next Tuesday (4/30). Westshire will be closed to thru traffic for the day and a detour will be posted. Local traffic to Kittery will be maintained. CL has concrete crews scheduled to be on site starting next Thursday (5/2). Crews will work with residents as concrete driveways are replaced and provide a timeline for how long they recommend not driving on the new concrete. CL Trucking will work on lawn restoration and get road patches ready for paving over the next few weeks.

Progress Report: CL Trucking & Excavating has completed the water main installation over the last two weeks. They have also worked with the Plainfield Water Department to pressure test and disinfect the new main on Kittery. On Wednesday, a water main shut down was completed near Kittery and Westgate so that CL could connect the new water main to the existing water main. CL is now in the process of installing new water service lines from the new water main and connecting to the existing water service line at the right-of-way.

Upcoming Work: CL Trucking is anticipating it will take about two weeks to install the new water services. Once the water services have been completed, there will be a final water main connection at the intersection of Kittery and Westshire.

Progress Report:  CL Trucking & Excavating has completed the water main installation along Kittery Drive with the exception of the tie-ins at Westgate Drive and Westshire Drive. CL will begin water main installation on Bowdoin Pines Court on Friday.

Upcoming Work:  CL will complete the water main installation on Bowdoin Pines Court next week and then move to Bingham Court after that. CL will begin pressure testing and disinfecting sections of the new water main with the Plainfield Water Department in preparation for water services to be switched over in early April.

Progress Report:

  • CL Trucking & Excavating completed water main installation between Westshire Drive and the 90 degree turn in Kittery Drive.
  • CL worked with the Plainfield Water Department to temporarily remove an existing hydrant on Kittery Drive so that the new water main could be installed past it.
  • CL is not on site today (Friday) to allow the Kent County Road Commission to plow the roads after today’s snowfall.


Upcoming Work:

  • CL plans to complete water main installation on Kittery Drive up to Westgate Drive next week.
  • After water main installation on Kittery Drive is complete, CL will install new water main on Bingham Court, and then Bowdoin Pines Place.
  • The new water main will be pressure tested and disinfected, then water services will be replaced up to the right-of-way line.

Progress Report: CL Trucking & Excavating has completed the water main installation along Kittery Drive, west of Westshire Drive. Water main is being installed along Kittery Drive from Westshire Drive to Bowdoin Pines Place. Driveways on the water main side of the road are being removed as needed for water main construction and temporary gravel driveways are being maintained by CL Trucking & Excavating.

Upcoming Work: Next week, CL Trucking & Excavating will continue water main installation along Kittery Drive between Bowdoin Pines Place and Bingham Court.