Caledonia Township - Shared Use Pathway: Whitneyville Ave to McCords Ave

Important Information

This summer, Caledonia Township will be extending the Shared Use Pathway network on Whitneyville Avenue, 66th Street, and McCords Avenue.

The section pathway will begin at Garbow Drive on Whitneyville Avenue near the Kettle Lake Elementary School and extend north to 66th Street. Along 66th Street, the pathway will be extend from Whitneyville to McCords. On McCords, the pathway will extend from the intersection at 66th Street to the end of the project at Channel Drive. The new pathway will be on the east side of Whitneyville Avenue, the north side of 66th Street, and the east side of McCords Avenue.

Contractor Brenner Excavating, Inc. of Hopkins, MI anticipates starting construction work for this project on Monday, August 14.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field.

Carlee Thompson, EIT
Project Liaison
(218) 398-0554

Miguel Bowman, Construction Observer
On-Site Contact
(717) 808-1306

Scott Post, PE
Project Manager
(616) 485-0281


Brenner Excavating, Inc.
(269) 793-7531


Caledonia Township
(616) 891-0070

water map

This week, crews from Brenner Excavating continued to make great progress on the retaining wall along Whitneyville Road!

Into next week, there is more retaining wall yet to finish before crews begin removing topsoil and sod along the pathway corridor.

We appreciate your patience and continued diligence in safety awareness as the working area that crews are actively using is both limited and near the road.

This week, work continued clearing topsoil for the path and has started to place the gravel base on Whitneyville Road. In addition, crews started work on the large retaining wall.

Next week should be a continuation of work on Whitneyville Road: clearing, placing gravel and finishing the wall.

This past week, we are excited to report that crews have officially started with pathway construction on Whitneyville Avenue!

CHOP Tree Service removed the remaining trees on Tuesday, and Brenner Excavating crews began work on the retaining wall on Wednesday.

Next week, Brenner Excavating will continue to remove topsoil along the path corridor and begin installing retaining wall blocks along Whitneyville Avenue.

Earth work will begin on Wednesday, August 30th.

Crews from Brenner Excavating will begin working on the Whitneyville Avenue sections by removing topsoil and preparing the pathway for the gravel base. They anticipate this process to go quickly as they move up to 66th Street where they will begin working as they have available crew.

As the construction process begins, please be mindful of shoulder closures and construction equipment entering the roadway. Thank you for your cooperation!

Caledonia Township is excited to begin the next section of Shared Use Pathway with the goal of increasing walkability around Campau Lake! This connection will serve as a safe route for students to get to school while also allowing for increased safety in community recreation along the busy roads that surround Campau Lake.

CHOP Tree service has begun their removal work for the project. Once it is completed this week, they plan to begin working on the trail beginning on Whitneyville Avenue at Garbow Drive and heading north.

Brenner Excavating will finish the section on Whitneyville Avenue before moving on to 66th Street and finally McCords Avenue.

Trash and mail services should not be interrupted during the construction process, so please continue as normal with these activities and let a project representative know if you have any questions.