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Caledonia Township - Shared Use Pathway: Whitneyville Ave to McCords Ave

Important Information

This summer, Caledonia Township will be extending the Shared Use Pathway network on Whitneyville Avenue, 66th Street, and McCords Avenue.

The section pathway will begin at Garbow Drive on Whitneyville Avenue near the Kettle Lake Elementary School and extend north to 66th Street. Along 66th Street, the pathway will be extend from Whitneyville to McCords. On McCords, the pathway will extend from the intersection at 66th Street to the end of the project at Channel Drive. The new pathway will be on the east side of Whitneyville Avenue, the north side of 66th Street, and the west side of McCords Avenue.

Contractor Brenner Excavating, Inc. of Hopkins, MI anticipates starting construction work for this project on Monday, August 14.


Prein&Newhof will have personnel in the field.

Carlee Thompson, EIT
Project Liaison
(218) 398-0554

Miguel Bowman, Construction Observer
On-Site Contact
(717) 808-1306

Scott Post, PE
Project Manager
(616) 485-0281


Brenner Excavating, Inc.
(269) 793-7531


Caledonia Township
(616) 891-0070

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We hope that you have already been out on the new trail and are enjoying the new connectivity around Campau Lake. We wanted to provide you all with another update on the final construction activities as the year comes to a close.

Riverworks Construction is continuing to construct the remaining sections of boardwalk along 66th and McCords. As weather permits, they anticipate that they will be finished with the boardwalks along 66th by the end of the year. Following a short two week break in January, they will continue working on the McCords boardwalk and anticipate completion of the boardwalks up by the end of February. Again, this work is weather dependent and will be delayed with heavy snow fall or extreme cold weather.

Once the boardwalk construction is completed, the concrete crews will be back onsite to pour the concrete approaches. Please be mindful while construction is underway and use caution on the trail as there are gaps and low areas without concrete near the ends of the boardwalk. Final restoration and turf establishment along with any remaining site clean-up will take place in the spring when the weather is warm enough.

Thanks for your patience with this process, and we look forward to seeing you out on the trail!

Despite the short week, the last remaining larger tasks were completed onsite. The pavers were out on Monday to finish all of the pavement sections, and concrete crews were back out to pour the final access ramps on McCords.

The trail was also seeded this week. Boardwalk crews continue to make progress and are still on track to be completed by Christmas.

This week, crews spent their time finishing the last remaining tasks to complete the trail! Concrete access ramps were poured along with curb replacements and topsoil restoration, while Riverworks Construction continued construction on the remaining sections of boardwalk. The paving contractor and concrete contractor will be back onsite early next week to complete the final remaining sections of pathway.

As we prepare to open the pathway to traffic, please note that the boardwalks will be closed until they are completed. Riverworks plans to continue construction of the boardwalks in the coming weeks and expects to be finished around Christmas.

The remainder of the trail sections will be open to traffic by the end of next week!

This week, crews continued framing and construction on the boardwalks. Despite the weather, the paving crews were able to complete several sections of paving this week as well.

Crews also worked to prepare for the concrete installation which will take place at the beginning of next week. The restoration efforts, concrete access ramps, and boardwalk construction will continue into next week!

This week, despite the cold weather, crews were able to make great progress on pathway and boardwalk construction!

The first layer of asphalt was completed on a majority of the pathway and they were also able to pave the top layer along Whitneyville. Crews worked hard in the chilly temperatures to get the remainder of the grading work completed, while the boardwalk crews continued install piles and framing on the boardwalks.

Next week, the crews will continue the restoration efforts and begin working on site clean-up. There is still a second layer of asphalt to pave on 66th and McCords. They hope to have the pavers back out to complete that work next week. Crews will also begin the earthwork preparation process for the concrete work, which will take place by the end of next week if the weather permits.

This week, pathway and boardwalk progress has continued along 66th Street and McCords as the crews prepare the pathway for paving.

Brenner Excavating continued working on the topsoil restoration along the previously paved sections on Whitneyville and 66th Street. The boardwalk crew continues to make progress installing piles and working on the ongoing the framing and construction processes!

Next week, they plan to have the pathway ready for pavement, and, while weather dependent, they hope to pave by the middle to end of next week. Restoration efforts and boardwalk work will also continue into next week.

This week, crews from Brenner Excavating and Riverworks Construction continued to make progress on the remaining sections of path. As noted earlier, the pathway grading process moves quickly. The contractor is hoping to have the next section ready for paving by the end of next week!

They have installed several sections of storm sewer and began the restoration work along Whitneyville as well! Riverworks has also been working quickly and has moved onto pile driving for the next section of boardwalk along 66th Street.

Next week, as weather cooperates, the crews will continue to install storm sewer and aggregate base along McCords. They will also continue the topsoil restoration process along the previously paved areas. Boardwalk crews will push forward rain or shine to continue their great progress!

This week, crews continued at full speed! The new pathway is paved with the first of two layers of asphalt from Garbo Drive to Keiser Road. It picks back up at the entrance to Right N Tight Car Repair and continues north along Whitneyville and down a portion of 66th Street. Crews worked to prepare the aggregate base for this paving while removing existing pavement where necessary for the pathway.

Subcontractor Riverworks was also on site starting the construction of one of three boardwalks on the project! Boardwalk construction consists of pile driving and timber frame construction using impact hammers along with nails and screws. These processes can be loud at times and we appreciate your patience.

Next week, crews plan to begin the restoration work along the edges of the paved sections of trail. They will also continue the storm sewer installation while the boardwalk crews continue to construct the boardwalks.

This week, our crews continued with the pathway grading and installation of aggregate base along Whitnyville and 66th Street. They also began working on the storm sewer segment on McCords.

Our surveyors were onsite to stake the remainder of the pathway as Brenner’s crews plan to have the first layer of asphalt paved along Whitneyville by the end of next week!

Next week, we also will also welcome crews from Riverworks Construction to begin building the boardwalks along 66th and McCords.

Thank you for your continued cooperation with the construction process!

This week, crews from Brenner Excavating have continued stripping topsoil and preparing the pathway corridor for the gravel base along Whitneyville and 66th street.

Next week, surveyors will be onsite to begin staking the pathway on McCords. Crews from Brenner will continue grading the gravel sub base on Whitneyville and 66th and will also begin installing the storm sewer on McCords by the end of next week.