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Plainfield Charter Township - Kuttshill Pump Station Redundant Supply Transmission Main

Important Information

Plainfield Charter Township is constructing this project to increase the water supply system’s redundancy and reliability by building a redundant supply transmission main to the Kuttshill Pump Station which is located at 6740 Kuttshill Drive. This project will provide a second water supply line to the pump station to meet growing water demands in this area of the Township water supply system. The project will extend existing 16-inch water main from Brewer Drive at M-44, along Northland Drive to Kuttshill Drive, and connect to the existing supply line at the pump station. The water main will be built along the west side of Northland Drive and the north side of Kuttshill Drive.

Access/Traffic: Shoulder and/or single lane closures along M-44 will be required during the day while construction is taking place along M-44. Northland Drive will be open to traffic throughout construction, but delays should be expected. Kuttshill Drive between Brewer Avenue and Northland Drive will be closed to thru traffic when water main construction and road construction are taking place in this area.

Mail: Mailboxes that interfere with water main construction will be temporarily relocated so that mail service can be maintained during construction. If your mailbox needs to be temporarily relocated, the contactor will inform you of where is has been moved to and when they anticipate it will be returned to it’s original location.

Garbage Pickup: The contactor will work with you and your waste hauler to maintain service throughout construction. If water main construction interferes with your waste haulers ability to pick up your garbage, the contractor will temporarily move your garbage bin(s) to a central location and return them to the end of your driveway by the end of the work day.

Water Service: No interruptions to water service are anticipated as part of this project.

P&N Engineer
Jeremy Kamp, PE
Project Engineer
(616) 432-6709

P&N Construction Observer

Dykema Excavators, Inc.
Greg Dykema
(616) 363-6895

Plainfield Charter Township
Rick Solle, PE
(616) 363-9660

Progress Report: Over the last two weeks Dykema has made good progress and has installed the majority of the water main along Northland Drive. Marksman Contracting, Dykema’s bore & jack subcontractor, has installed their pits on either side of M-44. Due to elevated groundwater levels, groundwater dewatering equipment was installed earlier this week to draw down the groundwater levels. The bore & jack work cannot be completed until the groundwater level has been drawn down below the proposed water main.


Next week, Dykema will begin installing water main along Kuttshill Drive. It is anticipated that the water main will take two weeks to complete. Kuttshill will remain close to thru traffic until the westbound lane can be rebuilt.

Marksman Contracting will bore & jack a steel casing across M-44 which will allow for the water main to be installed inside the casing without having to close M-44 to traffic.

Progress Report: Dykema Excavators is making good progress installing the new water main along Northland Drive. Traffic along Northland Drive will continue to be flagged until the water main work along Northland Drive is complete. We appreciate your patience as this work continues over the next two weeks.

Upcoming Work: The bore & jack under M-44 is scheduled to be completed next week. Dykema Excavators will continue to install water main along Northland Drive up to Kuttshill Drive next week.

Progress Report:

  • Tree clearing was completed along Northland Drive and Kuttshill Drive this week.
  • Dykema Excavators completed water main construction along the south side of Northland Drive.
  • Due to the snowfall today (Friday), no water main work will take place on site to allow plow trucks to clear the roads.
  • Underground utilities were located on the north side of Northland Drive in preparation for water main construction next week.


Upcoming Work:

  • Dykema will move their equipment to Northland Drive (north of M-44) and begin water main construction heading north along Northland Drive.
  • Marksmen Contracting, Dykema’s bore & jack subcontractor, will be mobilizing to the site middle of next week and begin setting up their boring pits.
  • Depending on how the bore & jack pit set up goes, Marksman may begin pushing the 30″ steel casing under M-44 by the end of next week.

Progress Report:

On February 12, 2024, the Plainfield Charter Township Board of Trustees awarded the transmission main construction contract to Dykema Excavators of Grand Rapids, MI. Dykema Excavators intends to start construction activities on site on Monday, March 18, 2024. The transmission main will be built from the south end at Brewer Avenue and construction will progress north up to Kuttshill Drive. Prior to construction, trees within the public road rights-of-way will be cleared as necessary for water main construction. If you would like to keep the wood generated from the tree clearing along your property, please reach out to one of the project contacts to the left.

In the coming weeks, you will begin to see flags marking existing underground utilities, construction stakes, water main materials, and equipment show up along the project route.

Construction is anticipated to be complete by mid-May.

If you have any questions about construction or the potential impacts it may have on you, please contact Jeremy Kamp at (616) 432-6709.