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Plainfield Charter Township - Northgate Phase 1 Water Main Replacement

Important Information

Plainfield Charter Township will replace the existing water main and water service within the public road right-of-ways along Eldon Street (east of Hunsberger) and Miramar Avenue between June and October. On March 25, 2024, the Plainfield Charter Township Board of Trustees awarded the water main construction contract to Milbocker & Sons, Inc., of Allegan, MI. This project is designed to replace aging 6-inch cast iron water main with 8-inch ductile iron water main to improve system reliability and fire flows in the area.

Prior to the water main being installed, trees within the public road rights-of-way will be cleared as necessary to construct the new water main.

Access/Traffic: Local traffic will be maintained during water main construction. There may be times when your driveway is inaccessible because water main construction is occurring in front of your house or driveway restoration is taking place. The contractor will work with you ahead of time and will make special access arrangements with you if needed.

Mail: Mailboxes that interfere with water main construction will be temporarily relocated so that mail service can be maintained during construction. If your mailbox needs to be temporarily relocated, the contactor will inform you of where it has been moved to and when they anticipate it will be returned to its original location.

Garbage Pickup: The contractor will work with you and your waste hauler to maintain service throughout construction. If water main construction interferes with your waste haulers ability to pick up your garbage, the contractor will temporarily move your garbage bins to a central location and return them to the end of your driveway by the end of the work day.

Water Service: There will be times when your water service will be temporarily interrupted to facilitate water main connections or water service line replacement. The contractor or the Plainfield Water Department will inform you prior to this interruption taking place so that you can plan accordingly.

P&N Engineer
Jeremy Kamp, PE
Project Engineer
(616) 432-6709

P&N Construction Observer
Prein&Newhof will have staff on-site throughout construction.

Milbocker & Sons, Inc.
(269) 673-2195

Plainfield Township
Water Department
(616) 363-9660

There are currently no construction updates available for this project.