Construction East of the I-94 BL has begun. This has implemented detour route B, which will run concurrent with detour route A1. See the image below for the complete detour route.

The road has been milled down to gravel and will remain that way until underground work begins within then next week or two. Local traffic on Lake Street between the BL and Lamont Ave will have access from the east off Olmstead. Lake Street will remain closed east of the BL. Access to the Expo Center will be possible from Olmstead Road for the duration of the project.

Water main testing is complete and tie-ins have begun. If you are within the project area and will be impacted by water main shutdowns, expect to see a boil water notice handed out by the City Water Dept.

It is expected that road building will begin next week on Lake Street from the West project limits to Schuster Ave. Access to Shakespeare and Schuster Ave will continue to be possible from Schuster until road is paved to the west. See the image below for access routes for local traffic both East and West of the BL.