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Work Completed to This Past Week:

  • All road base gravel has been placed on 8th Street and has been graded.
  • Remaining sidewalk sections to be removed have been completed and prepared for pouring. Roughly all the walk is done on the east side of 8th Street.  About half is done now on the west side.
  • A lot of sidewalk was repoured with new concrete.
  • Poured driveway sections behind the sidewalk.
  • Set string and grades for new concrete curb and gutter. ***PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND PROTECT THESE STRINGS!!!***


Work Anticipated Week of May 15, 2023

  • Pour new concrete curb and gutter – This will be difficult because it will require NO ACCESS to driveways for several days after the concrete is poured.  You may walk on the concrete within a few hours, but driving on it within the first 5 days will risk breaking the concrete.
  • Pour crosswalk ramps and finish and sidewalk not done this week.
  • Concrete Driveway approaches will begin to be poured.
  • Possibly start fine grading the road base gravel to prepare it for asphalt.
  • Preparing Rotterdam and 9th Street intersection for road base gravel.


Work Anticipated Week of May 22, 2023

  • Fine Grading the road base gravel.
  • Asphalt – likely just the first layer.
  • Restoration – Topsoil, signage, etc.