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Design on this project began back in 2015/16 and funding has now been secured and approved and we are very excited to move forward!

Work Completed to Date:

Surveying, Engineering, Design, Drafting, Bidding and Tree Removal


Reminder: major construction will begin this week, Monday, March 13, 2023.

  • This work includes the replacement of water main and water services from the street to the home as well as storm drainage improvements and full roadway reconstruction on 8th Street between Oakwood and Summit Streets.  Water main will be installed and the road resurfaced on Rotterdam between 9th & 8th Streets.
  • This is Phase 1 of work that also includes 7th Street between Oakwood and Summit, Summit between 7th & 6th Streets and Amsterdam between Highland and 6th Streets.  That work will take place later this summer.


Mail and garbage will be handled on their normally scheduled days.  It is a good idea to place a large piece of tape on your garbage bin and write your address on it.  The contractor will assist to make sure garbage is picked up.  Access will be maintained for emergency vehicles and for local access to homes.  However, you might not be able to go through the entire job site due to equipment and construction progress.

Work on 8th Street and Rotterdam should be completed around Memorial Day 2023.