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Delta County Airport, Escanaba

Taxiway B Pavement & Lighting, Generator

Project Description

Existing Runway 9/27 and Taxiway B pavements needed rehabilitation to extend their useful life. This effort triggered several requirements to bring these pavements to current standards with respect to grading and geometry. One major grading standards item was a new steel sheet pile headwall that provided the necessary embankment area to meet taxiway safety area standards. One major geometry standards item included the relocation of Connector Taxiway B1, which required wetland mitigation. In addition, the client no longer wanted to have the airfield lighting controls in the basement of their terminal, so the project constructed a brand new airfield lighting vault. Work was conducted concurrently to maximize project efficiency.

Given the impact to the primary runway and taxiway for air carrier service, Prein&Newhof worked to rehabilitate the crosswind runway in previous years and develop the necessary flight procedures to accommodate air service while the project was being conducted.

The project was managed to minimize the impact to operations and passenger service. The relocated taxiway connector was planned and designed to accommodate the most common landing distance used by the airline, helping reduce taxiing time. Although flights were delayed on some days due to weather conditions and the crosswind runway configuration, no flight cancellations occurred because of the project.

Prein&Newhof was responsible for geometric, lighting, structural, and pavement design, as well as construction administration.


Jon Van Duinen, PE
Project Manager


The project was funded in two consecutive FAA grants, the second being funded 100 percent by the FAA.