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City of Rockford - Summit Avenue & 12 Mile Road: Water System Improvements

Important Information

This project is being constructed to provide municipal water service to area residents impacted by PFAS contamination.

Access/Traffic Control: Access to driveways within the project area will be maintained to the extent possible. When the water main work is happening, driveways will be closed and restored with temporary road gravel by the end of the work day. Permanent driveway restoration will require additional driveway closures at the end of the project.  Please contact the contractor listed below if you have a special need for driveway access accommodations during these periods.

Mail: To facilitate mail service, Dean’s Excavating will coordinate with you and the Post Office and may temporarily relocate your mailbox to a central location.

Garbage Pick-up: Normal trash pickup schedules will continue. When construction work hinders access, Dean’s Excavating will transport trash containers to an accessible location and return them to the property.



Prein&Newhof will have personnel on site during construction on behalf of the City of Rockford.

Steve Oosting
Project Manager
(616) 432-6736

Jeremy Kamp
Project Engineer
(616) 432-6709

Michael Anderson
On-Site Contact
(630) 303-1803


Contractor: Dean’s Excavating
Nate Wall
Office: (616) 636-5524

City of Rockford
Dan Apkarian
Director of Public Services
(616) 866-1537

water map

Progress Report:

This week the asphalt paving was completed along 12 Mile Road. Dean’s also had crews on site completing lawn restoration and project clean up. Some plumbing contractors were on site installing the private portion of the water service this week as well.

Upcoming Work:

Dean’s will work on completing final clean up and punch list items.

Homeowners will coordinate with the contractor they selected to complete the private portion of their water service and connect to the existing house plumbing. The City of Rockford will be working with the plumbers to set meters in each house after the water service line has been installed.

All water main testing has been successfully completed and Dean’s will have crews on site today to complete the final water main tie-ins. Some concrete work was completed earlier this week. Asphalt road and driveway restoration is scheduled for Monday (5/13). Dean’s will have a crew on site next week to complete lawn restoration and final project clean up.

All water services along 12 Mile Road are available for connection. Homeowners should reach out to the contractor they selected to schedule the work on private property.

Dean’s is installing the remaining water services west of the White Pine Trail today. Dean’s has completed the water main installation with the exception of a few water main tie-ins. Over the next week, Dean’s will work with the City of Rockford to test the remaining water main. Next week, Dean’s will not be on site until Friday, when they will complete the remaining water main tie-ins if the water mains pass all of the testing next week. The tie-ins should not impact water service, but the City will notify residents if a service interruption is necessary.

Some minimal concrete work is scheduled for the week of May 6. Asphalt restoration and final lawn restoration will be completed the week of May 13.

Progress Report: Midwest Trenchless has completed the horizontal directional drill (HDD) under the Rogue River and successfully pulled the water main pipe under the river yesterday! Today Dean’s and Midwest Trenchless will work on either end of the HDD and fuse on adapter fittings. Midwest Trenchless will pack up their equipment early next week and leave the site. Dean’s will finish laying the water main next week and work on testing this last section of water main.

Progress Report:

Dean’s Excavating has installed water main just west of the White Pine Trail. Water service stubs have been installed to houses between the White Pine Trail and Northland Drive. Homeowners may now contact their private water service contractor and schedule this work.

Midwest Trenchless attempted to pull the pipe through the horizontal directional drill hole last Thursday but ran into some complications. They have been working on increasing the size of the drill hole this week and plan to pull the pipe this Thursday (4/25). Dean’s Excavating has been off site this week since the remaining work can’t be done until after the horizontal directional drill work is completed.

Upcoming Work:

Dean’s plans to be back on site this Friday if the horizontal directional drill work is completed Thursday. Dean’s should complete the water main installation next week. There will be about a week of testing the remaining water main before the three water services west of the White Pine Trail can be installed. Dean’s will then work on lawn and driveway restoration work before wrapping up the project in early May.

Progress Report:

Dean’s has made good progress on installing water main between Northland Drive and the White Pine Trail over the last two weeks. Dean’s worked with the City of Rockford earlier this week to pressure test and disinfect the first section of new water main. Dean’s plans to complete the connection to the existing water main at 12 Mile and Northland on Friday. Water service installation is scheduled for the first section of main near the east end of 12 Mile. Dean’s will pause water main installation until they can install the water service stubs toward each house.

Midwest Trenchless has been making progress on the horizontal directional drill under the Rogue River. The HDPE water main (black pipe) has been fused together along the side of 12 Mile Road. Midwest Trenchless has successfully drilled their pilot bore from the west side of the river to Serenity Shores. It is anticipated that it will take a week of reaming to open the pilot hole to a large enough diameter to be able to pull the pipe through. Midwest Trenchless will continue to work on opening the drill hole over the next week.

Construction will begin again along 12 Mile Road later this week.

12 Mile Road will be closed to through traffic between Northland Drive and Edgerton Avenue starting Thursday, March 28. The posted detour route will be Northland Drive to 13 Mile Road to Edgerton Avenue. 12 Mile Road is anticipated to be closed through middle of May.

Dean’s Excavating will begin stump grinding and topsoil stripping later this week. Dean’s will begin to install water main along 12 Mile Road at Northland Drive beginning next week. Midwest Trenchless Services will also be mobilizing to the site later this week to begin the Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) under the Rogue River at Summit Avenue. The HDD work is anticipated to last about three weeks.

Progress Report:

Over the last couple of months, the private water service contractors have made great progress installing water service lines into individual houses and abandoning existing drinking water wells. See map above for the progress that has been made. Only a few houses along Summit Avenue remain to be connected.

Dean’s Excavating plans to be back on site along 12 Mile Road beginning the first week of April. This first week they will move equipment on site and start setting up for construction. They will be assembling the HDPE pipe in preparation for the directional drill under the Rogue River. Tree stumps will be ground and topsoil removed in preparation for water main construction to begin the following week. Dean’s horizontal directional drill (HDD) subcontractor, Midwest Trenchless, will begin the directional drill work at the Rogue River the second week of April, and Dean’s will begin installing water main along 12 Mile Road from Northland Drive to the west.

There may be temporary driveway impacts for houses north of 12 Mile Road, but Dean’s will work with you to limit these impacts as much as possible.

The new water main along 12 Mile Road should be ready for water service connections beginning in early May. If you have not already lined up the private side work with one of the three preapproved contractors, it is recommended that you do this as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the private water service installation, please call Jeremy Kamp with Prein&Newhof at (616) 432-6709.

This Week:

  • Dean’s Excavating install the sampling station near 12 Mile Road. A concrete pad will be poured around the sampling and flushing stations next week.
  • Dean’s will be back on site next April to begin work along 12 Mile Road.
  • Private side water service work has begun. Homeowners should reach out to the general contractor they selected and coordinate a time for the installation of the water service on their private property.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.

This Week:

  • Dean’s Excavating completed water service stub installation along Summit Avenue.
  • All water services along Summit Avenue are now available for connection. Homeowners may coordinate with the contractor they selected to complete the work on private property and schedule a date for the water service installation into the house. If there are any questions about this process, please call Jeremy Kamp with Prein&Newhof at (616) 432-6709.
  • Dean’s completed the installation of an automatic flushing station near 12 Mile Road. This station will periodically allow for water to be flushed into the ditch from the water main which will reduce the amount of manual hydrant flushing for the City of Rockford Water Department staff.
  • Dean’s completed the remaining restoration work along Summit Avenue and began removing equipment from the site for the winter.


Next Week:

  • Depending on the weather, Dean’s may install a sampling station on the water main near 12 Mile. The deliver of this station is currently pending and installation of it will be weather dependent. The station will allow the City of Rockford Water Department staff to take water quality samples more easily from the water main.
  • Dean’s will finish any last minute clean up and wrap up the site for the winter.
  • Private side water service work is anticipated to begin next week. If you do not already have a contractor lined up to run your free water service into your house, we recommend that you do so in the coming week. You may schedule this work with your contractor ASAP.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.