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Construction Updates

Important Information

Progress Report: The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) worked with their paving contractor this week and milled off the existing asphalt road surface on Tuesday. The base course of asphalt was paved on Wednesday. KCRC is now working on replacing driveways as needed prior to final top course paving being completed.

Upcoming Work: CL Trucking & Excavating will be back on site in the coming weeks to complete final punch list items related to the water main construction.

Surface restoration work on Lulu is wrapping up with top course paving scheduled to be completed before May 24. Water main has been installed in Pinehurst all the way to Hillsdale and is undergoing pressure testing. Service work south of Kenwood should be wrapped up next week and services north of Kenwood should begin immediately after that. Water main installation next week will start on Waverly/Wilmette.

Pinehurst road gravel will be placed next week from Kenwood southward. Once all the Pinehurst services are installed, the full road restoration, including paving, will be completed.

Today’s construction activities will be concentrated between #740 and #832 Kinney (Edinboro St to Imperial Dr). Edinboro St is closed at Kinney Ave. Local traffic seeking to travel through this area should expect delays or seek an alternate route.

Road rebuilding continued on Jefferson street last week bringing the road up to aggregate. Additionally, the sidewalk locations were leveled in preparation for the concrete.  The focus this week will be on installing sidewalk and curb on Jefferson and Dryden north of Jefferson, as well as, driveways on Hart Street.

Work Completed Last Week

  • Installation of storm sewer on Jefferson street, at State Street.
  • Removal of sidewalk on Dryden and Jefferson.
  • Preparations for sidewalk and curb installation.
  • Road rebuilding continued on Jefferson, with aggregate base.

Anticipated Work This Week

  • Sidewalk and curb installation on Jefferson and Dryden, north of Jefferson.
  • Driveway installation on Hart Street.
  • Water main tie-in on Jefferson at State Street

Progress Report:

K&R made progress with sanitary sewer construction to the north to Randall Street. Also, K&R started storm sewer construction and sanitary lateral connections behind sanitary sewer installation.

Upcoming Work:

K&R will complete the sanitary sewer main connection at River Street this week and will continue storm sewer installation and sanitary sewer lateral connections starting from Randall Street and working towards the south.

Extra Notes:

During sanitary sewer construction, River Street will be blocked off for through access at the location of the sanitary sewer excavation. As sewer construction continues north, the direction of access to each property will be affected and will change with the progress of construction. Vehicles will have to access their property from either O’Malley or Randall Ave.

Driveway access to River Village and The Meadows is expected to be impacted next week. K&R has constructed a temporary gravel driveway between the parking lots of the two communities. Access to the complexes will be maintained utilizing either entrance, depending on which one is affected by sanitary sewer installation.

Progress Report: The Contractor mobilized a groundwater treatment unit situated on the intersection of Ferry St and Park Ave to treat contaminated groundwater encountered during water main construction. Storm sewer replacements were completed at the Colfax and Waverly intersections. McCormick Sand also installed water main on Ferry Street to the south, making progress to north of Park Avenue.

Upcoming Work: The Contractor will continue water main installation on Ferry Street to the south. Storm sewer replacement and road restoration efforts will start to follow behind the water main construction.

Extra Notes: Residents and motorists are reminded to stay clear of construction equipment and excavations on the project site. As water main construction continues south, access to each property will be affected and will change with the progress of construction.

Progress Report:

Montgomery Excavating completed the installation of water main on Vida Circle this week, and started the installation of water main on Venna Place starting on the cul de sac. Water main progress on Venna Place was made to approximately 200′ south of Ann Street.

Upcoming Work:

Montgomery Excavating will continue water main installation on Venna Place towards the north. The newly installed water main on Vida Circle will be connected to the existing water main on Ann Street this week. Montgomery Excavating will continue pavement removals on both streets this week.

Extra Notes:

Residents and motorists are reminded to stay clear of construction equipment and excavations on the project site.

A water main shut down will occur this week Thursday, May 23rd from approximately 9:00 am to 4:00 pm to accommodate the new water main on Vida Circle being connected to the water main on Ann Street. The City will notify which residents in the project area will be affected by this shut down.

Underground work has essentially wrapped up on the project! Road rebuilding will be the primary focus moving. Significant progress on the road reconstruction was also made with concrete curb and approaches being installed west of Gaylord.Work Completed This Week
  • Utility work is now complete less a few minor finish items.
  • Concrete curb and gutter was completed west of Gaylord.
  • Concrete driveway approaches were completed west of Gaylord.
Anticipated Work Next Week
  • Sidewalk ramps will be poured on Monday as well as remaining curb west of Gaylord.
  • Final grading of the gravel west of Gaylord in preperation of paving.
  • Grading for sand grade and spreading of gravel east of Gaylord will begin.
  • Paving of the first layer of asphalt west of Gaylord is possibly by the end of the week but that schedule is not certain.

This week the focus was on storm sewer replacement east of Leon and water main. The week ended with preparations for next weeks sanitary sewer work at Leboeuf.

Work Completed This Week

  • Storm sewer was installed from Denmark to Leon.
  • Preparations have begun for replacement of the sanitary sewer at Leboeuf by removing the water main through the intersection and assembling bypass piping.

Anticipated Work

  • Water services will be replaced on along the north side of the road from Leboeuf to Denmark.
  • Sanitary sewer will be replaced through the Leboeuf intersection.

This week the focus was on water service installations, road rebuilding and water main connections. Road building started on Center Street with cutting for sand grade and placing aggregate. West Street focus was on water services and connecting the main to the system. Utility work is nearly complete!

Work Completed This Week on West

  • All water main has now been tested and connected to the system. Connections were made at Oak Park on Friday.
  • Water service installation continued north of Vine.

Work Completed This Week on Center

  • Road rebuilding has begun grading for gravel placement. Gravel is being placed as the crews progress south.

Anticipated Work on Center

  • Continuing on reconstruction of the roadway.

Anticipated Work on West

  • Water service replacements will continue north of Vine and will start south of Vine.
  • Water main connections are schedule for Monday on Vine.